3.7 Other improvements
  1. Improvements have been made to the structure and coding of the pages generated by ReadyGo so that pages can be output as XHTML rather than just HTML. This feature is useful now that MathML and SGML are natively supported in Mozilla.
  1. Courses can also be output as ".asp" and ".php" pages. To change the output filetype for a course, go to Appearance | Labels and Text..., and set the file extensions to the desired extension. The default is ".htm". Courses have been tested with added PHP and ASP code.
  1. ReadyGo WCB and SST have been tested and proper operation has been verified with Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit) and with Internet Explorer 8. On 64-bit versions of Windows 7, the software can work in either the 32-bit emulation mode or in the Windows XP mode.
New ReadyGo Features
1. WCB Version 8.+
2. Merchant Connect
3. WCB Version 8.0
4. SST Version 8.0
5. Administrator
6. WCB Version 7.0
7. WCB Version 6.0
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