5.1 ReadyGo Administrator Overview
ReadyGo Administrator:
  1. Is a PHP application that comes with ReadyGo SST or can be purchased separately.
  1. Can be loaded on any web server that supports PHP and is available with ReadyGo hosted applications.
  1. Consists of a few web pages that make it easy to upload and manage courses.
    1. Administrators can create user ID's that allow course creators to upload courses to specific locations (directories)
    1. Course creators have a simple page that they use to upload course and optionally can add these courses to a web page (index) of courses.
    1. If a course has SST turned on, the course test files will automatically be uploaded and placed in the correct places.
New ReadyGo Features
1. WCB Version 8.+
2. Merchant Connect
3. WCB Version 8.0
4. SST Version 8.0
5. Administrator
6. WCB Version 7.0
7. WCB Version 6.0
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