4.2 Tracking Users within a Course
Newer browsers support more features. If your learners have IE 6.0 and Firefox 1.5 or later you can now track users within a course.
  1. Each page visited by the learner, including their time on the page can be stored.
  1. When a learner returns to a course the last page they were on can automatically be loaded.
  1. Students can be provided access to the status on the course they currently on.
    It's True! It's True! To activate these features you need to choose the LMS pack "ReadyGo Server Side Testing; track pages; at start load last page"
    New ReadyGo Features
    1. WCB Version 8.+
    2. Merchant Connect
    3. WCB Version 8.0
    4. SST Version 8.0
    5. Administrator
    6. WCB Version 7.0
    7. WCB Version 6.0
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